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High Society in Denver For the Cannabis Connoisseur


They don’t call it the mile high city for nothing. Cannabis connoisseur visitors to Denver and locals alike can puff, puff, pass to their heart’s content in the stylish Tetra Lounge or the Coffee Joint. Soon the Patterson Inn will also allow those over 21 “a space where they can indulge.” The cannabis culture doesn’t stop there.

Dispensary tour delights Denver

Dropping in on your local budtender at the dispensary is a regular occurrence now that we aren’t visiting our supplier buddies on the sly any more. In Denver, Colorado you can go behind the scenes for a tour of the Seed and Smith dispensary.

Not only do you get to sniff the plants in the grow room, you get to see how the cannabis concentrates are made. The tour is free but you need to register in advance.

Seed & Smith cannabis “pulls back the curtain on its process during tours of its facility in north Denver.” A lot like a standard brewery tour, this one “includes seeing plants in various stages of growing.

You get to watch staff “as they harvest and extract marijuana.” They even let you get your hands on a pound bag of fresh bud. You don’t get to keep it but the tour ends in the dispensary where you can buy all the souvenirs the law allows.

After the hectic confusion of the dispensary, Denver cannabis users can sit quietly in a moment of peaceful meditation at the new International Church of Cannabis.

They hold a moment of silence every day at 4:20 in the day glow decorated sanctuary. All of the murals were painted by Okuda San Miguel. You can’t toke inside or on the grounds but it’s a great place to unwind afterwards, if only to check out the artwork.


Cannabis is essential

While visitors can’t consume, members can. Only during official services though, and those are private. The International Church of Cannabis set up shop in Denver back in 2017 and is home to a sect who likes to call themselves “Elevationists.

They “believe cannabis is an essential part of becoming the best version of one’s self.” WB can get behind that wholeheartedly. As an added incentive to check out the services, the church “is currently hosting laser light shows at 20 minutes past the hour each hour it’s open to enhance the experience.

After a tour to the dispensary and a trip through a holy high sanctuary of ecstatic art, what could be better than a cannabis friendly meal? Cultivating Spirits “has been curating private weed pairing dinners since 2014.

Like that perfect glass of wine for each dish, the chef “pairs smokable marijuana flower with each dish.” Cuisine in the Denver catered experience isn’t “infused” with cannabis. Instead you’re invited to indulge in smoking just the right bud to offer “complimentary and contrasting flavors with each dish.

The chef’s cater to your whims by traveling to you at your home or vacation rental in the Denver metro area.

You buy the cannabis to comply with the law but they help you with the hassle of finding it. A meal with them is definitely a special treat with dinners ranging from $135 to $250 a plate, “depending on the size of the group.” Not including the grass.

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