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The Hottest Party Spot on Wings


If this plane’s a-rockin’ don’t come a-knockin’. A UK company has transformed a retired British Airways Boeing 747 into one of the most fanciful club spots on the planet and it’s so wild it would make even Austin Powers or James Bond pull a double-take. Complete with a bar, dance floor, and DJ booth, this old girl still has some serious partying left in her! They call her to jamboree jet, and for $1,300 an hour, she can be yours to play with all of the amenities of a London nightclub. You can even rent it out for your wedding!

A 21st Century UK Party Plane

The Jamboree jet is the brainchild of the privately-owned Cotswold Airport’s CEO Suzannah Harvey after a few of the mothballed 747s wound up at the private field. Harvey purchased the defunct bird for quite literally $2 and then spent two years dumping another $671,000 into renovations to transform the aging jetliner into this extremely unique party spot.

The Economy class seating was gutted to clear the area for the utterly enormous dance floor complete with a custom built DJ booth and some particularly nice cocktail tables. Their designer was even able to recommission the airliners galley into a luxury bar.

There have been some headwinds in the process though, after all: planes weren’t intended to sit on the ground permanently.

“It’s been a lengthy process to actually make it safe for public viewing, because these aircraft are designed to be in the air,” Harvey told CNN. “So, there are a lot of safety features which would not meet health and safety regulations for an event space on the ground. So, they have to be decommissioned.”

According to TheRichest the company plans to have the party plane up to code and ready to “launch” soon. It is definitely staying on the ground though.


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“We’re absolutely inundated with inquiries at the moment,” she said. “It’s a very versatile events facility, so it can accommodate anything from a kid’s birthday party, through to a new product launch or a corporate presentation.”

There’s just one… fairly major outstanding problem: the toilets. “One problem that we still haven’t managed to solve is to get the toilet system working,” said Harvey. “We’re hopeful that we’ll nail that problem in the next six months or so. But at the moment, we’ve got very posh loo units that are positioned outside.”

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