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Next Gen Wetwork: Long Range LMG for the win!


Last November, Israel set out to eliminate one of the flaming piles of camel shit it had on their terrorist kill list for over a decade.  And this guy was not an easy target either. His name was Mohsen Fakhrizadeh and he was cut down while driving home from a popular vacationing spot in Iran with his wife. However, the man who pulled the trigger was over 1,000 miles away from the LMG (Light Machine Gun) that fired the shots. 

Why were such lengths taken to eliminate this man?  Fakhrizadeh was the initiator and head of Iran’s nuclear program.  When Israel found out Trump lost the election, they weren’t about to waste any time in arranging a meeting between this scumbag and the almighty.  But how do you kill one of the most protected and elusive targets when he’s still in Iran? You do it remotely.  

Utilizing Mossad double agents inside of Iran, they set up an ambush along the road that Fakhrizadeh would be driving down on his way to Absard, Iran.


The LMG Of Choice That Made The Insane Shots

The weapon of choice was the reliable and trusted Belgian FN MAG chambered in 7.62X51 NATO (.308).  This weapon has been around since 1950 and was modeled off of the MG42 and Browning 1918 BAR.  It can fire a blistering 650 -1000 rounds a minute, or 10 -16 rounds a second, thanks to it’s rugged long-stroke piston system that allows for high fire rate and accuracy at range.  This particular weapon, however, has some high-tech classified furniture on it that is not available to the civilian market and the majority of the military. 

The video transmitting and receiving optics and fire control system are either satellite-linked or radio linked through a high flying Command and Control Aircraft or drone from the weapon mount to the operator, who in this case was sitting comfortably inside a secret location, presumably within Israel, with a joystick and a video screen in a scene that was akin to someone playing a video game, except this was very real, and not a game.  

At 1 pm on the afternoon of 27 November 2020, the doomed man and his wife, guarded by several following cars full of armed guards began making their way to Absard, Iran. This was the cue for the remote video sniper to go into action.  All from the safety of 1,000 miles away, he was able to load the weapon, set his sights accordingly, and then wait for the target to appear.  The highly modified FN MAG that was used was staged in the bed of a pickup truck on the roadside that Fakhrizadeh was traveling down.  Near the truck was adorned some construction materials, to complete the mundane look of the soon-to-be ambush by a hidden remote-controlled LMG. The operation was mere seconds long in execution.

  As the target vehicle approached and came into range of the LMG FN MAG (2000 yards or less, over a mile), an initial burst was sprayed onto the hood and front of the vehicle.  This was to damage the engine and radiator to stop the vehicle.  It worked.  Then a second burst, 3 rounds, hit the windshield, with one round impacting Fakhrizadeh’s shoulder.  He then got out of the car, kneeled down behind the driver’s side door, and took a third burst of 3 rounds into his spinal column.  He was dead before his body hit the pavement.  At this point, there was much rejoicing back in Israel. Yay.  This wasn’t the first time this technology has been used and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Even if it seems all clear in your AO, don’t forget a satellite-linked weapon could be training on you if you don’t behave… 

What do you think?

Written by Jason Gouffray

Jason Gouffray is the founder and chief instructor of Defensive Bravo LLC in Fort Worth, Texas. He received his initial formal firearms training from SOCOM Marine combat veterans and continues to train everyday. He utilizes the techniques, tactics, and skills of firearms professionals to enable common citizens to most effectively defend themselves. You too can Defend Like a Pro, with Defensive Bravo. Booking:

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