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Sig Sauer is selling their NGSW To The Public

Close up of the ambidextrous fire control on the MCX-SPEAR

Sig Sauer is a trusted manufacturer of quality American made firearms.  They are one of 2 finalist companies in the US Army’s competition to choose the Next Generation Squad Weapon, or NGSW for short.  This weapon will replace the 5.56mm M4 and M16’s currently in service.  Yes, they are replacing a weapon that dates back to the 1960’s, finally.  

NGSW with New Ammo

The most advanced round of the last 150 years.

To start, Sig’s offering to the competition is a new caliber that measures in at 6.8mm x 51mm in metric units.  Or in America talk, .277 SIG FURY.  This ammo utilizes a special bi-metal casing of steel and brass with a locking washer.  This allows for ridiculously high firing chamber pressures of 80,000 PSI.  It was designed for Sig Sauer’s ultimate carbine package,  the multi-caliber capable MCX-SPEAR.  Quite possibly the best AR platform ever created.  Utilizing a 16” barrel, the SPEAR chambered in .277 SIG FURY has a muzzle velocity of 3000 feet per second.  Right at mach 3.  That’s 3 times the speed of sound.  This weapon packs a serious wallop.  It’s like having a sniper rifle, in a semi auto carbine sized package.  And our military will have this, in full auto and burst fire modes, if it wins the competition.  

Publicly Available, With a Catch

SIG SLX68-MG-QD Suppressor. Included with purchase.

But even if it doesn’t, you can still own it.  All but the giggle switch (full auto).  There’s just 2 catches, the only version offered is a 13” barrel with a suppressor on it.  That means you will need an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) Tax Stamp and a Suppressor Tax Stamp, per the National Firearms Act.  That’s $200, each, and at the fastest electronic filing method, a 3 month wait for the background check to come back.  Your weapon is registered with these tax stamps and they know who you are and where you live.  If you buy this beautiful piece of weaponry they will know you have it.  If you are ok with that, get you some!  Best leave this one alone if you are looking to stay off the radar, however.  

Regulate Me, I Don’t Care

Sig Sauer MCX-SPEAR. NGSW finalist, in all it’s glory.

For those of you who don’t mind the government registrations, the currently offered 13” barrel model with suppressor is a fantastic weapon.  Even though the initial ballistics testing was done with a 16” barrel, the cut of 3 inches is negligible to overall ballistics performance.  Why?  That’s due to the type of suppressor the MCX-SPEAR has.  The SLX suppressor is the latest in Sig Sauer’s line of high tech suppression systems.  It has a monolithic core construction, reduces sound as well as the toxic fumes from firing, and the flash at the muzzle is also negated.  With this attached suppressor the length of the barrel is extended to 18” total.  As with all modern suppressors, the barrel pressure is increased, and therefore the round flies faster out of a suppressor.  

Regulate This!

I can’t decide which side is sexier, the left, or the right…

However, for those of you who don’t like being on the government’s radar, you will have to wait.  Sig is not offering this weapon in any other barrel length, like 16”, yet.  Why is 16” important?  That’s because that is the length used to determine a rifle from a short barreled rifle.  If your weapon is 16” it would allow you to not have to pay a $200 tax stamp, not have to wait 3-9 months for approval, and not have register the weapon with the federal government.  But if that chaps your butt too bad and you think you’d be good if it wasn’t for the government regulation, the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail price clocks in at a cool $7999.99.  Yup, 8 large baby.  You can get 2 SCAR-H’s for that price. 

Revolutionary NGSW Rifle

The round the gun was built for, .277 SIG FURY or 6.8mm x 51mm for the metric chaps.

Finally, don’t be hating on Sig Sauer.  They developed this rifle and round from the ground up.  Arguably the most advanced rifle and round in over 150 years.  The rifle is even capable to switch calibers simply by changing the upper, in the field.  This is due to a revolutionary Gas Piston system that is not caliber specific.  The MCX-SPEAR is said to be able to go between 6.8mm x 51mm (.277 Sig Fury), 6.5 Creedmoor, and 7.62mm x 51mm (7.62 NATO) on the fly.  Swap the upper by releasing the 2 pins, slap a new one in place, load the appropriate magazine, chamber the round, and you’re off to the races.  One man, 3 barrels, the battlefield is his oyster.  

One last look at this $8000 beauty…

In the end, the US Army’s competition has yet to determine if Sig Sauer will win the contract.   By Summer’s end, we should have the announcement.  If they win, it will be mass production for the military first and civilians second.  If they lose, all that effort will be directed at the civilian market.   Either way, the civilians win.  With all of the money and time they have invested in this weapon and ammunition, they will have to produce quite a bit to see a return. And, it’s definitely an upgrade and ass kicking to the new 5.8mm rounds the Chinese are using.  In this case bigger is better y’all!


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